A while back we decided that we should probably do something to advertise our animation studio. We asked ourselves the question, “What could we do that would we make people aware of who we are and what we do? What do our clients usually do when they’re in our position?”

And that’s when it hit us. We’ll need to do what we do best.  We’ll need to make an explainer video.

We phoned up some web experts and asked them whether making an explainer video about making an explainer video would blow up the internet in any way, but they said reassuring things like, “Please stop calling us” and “How’d you get this number?”, so we knew we had nothing to worry about.

Here’s the video, we hope you like it!

The Creative Team:

Creative Director: Richard Bolland. Producer: Simon van Wyk. Illustrators: Darren Brown & Jake Waldron. Animation: Jake Waldron & Darren Brown.