Studio Bolland is now DELIVERING Scalable Vector Graphics!

Bodymovin.js & After Effects allow us to create animations which can be converted into code and uploaded to a website.

SVG's are super small file sizes in comparison to GIFS and because they're vector they can be scaled to any size! 

The below SVG's were illustrated by Jones & Co.

Yep, everything you see below you is made entirely of code!

SVG Size: 585 KB

Gif Size: 2180 KB (not scalable)

PNG Sequence: 23,100 KB (not scalable)

SVG Size: 718 KB

Gif Size: 2350 KB (not scalable)

PNG Sequence: 20,200 KB (not scalable)

SVG Size: 943 KB

Gif Size: 2450 KB (not scalable)

PNG Sequence: 26,900 KB (not scalable)

SVG Size: 695 KB

Gif Size: 2800 KB (not scalable)

PNG Sequence: 22,300 KB (not scalable)


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