We worked with Jones & Co and House of Brave to create content for the Oreo Ice-Cream campaign. They all fit within the same simple concept of personified delicacies getting frozen! We hope you enjoy the sleek designs by Dylan Jones and the fun animation by the creative team at Studio Bolland.  


The Creative Team:

Producers: House of Brave
Art Director: Emarie Gouws
Account Executive : Sharon Wilson
Illustration: Jones & Co
Animation: Studio Bolland



We used After Effects to create the animation for these Oreo animations. Characters are always a healthy challenge to get right and we had some helpful tools such as Motion 2's Orbit function to get the reel working nicely. 

OreoSnowAngel 6_2.gif

snow angel

Looping particles is hard! We managed to find a good solution to get the particles to always appear like they're falling seamlessly. We had many back and forths to get the actually snow angel to look legit - initially we had the arms and legs scraping up snow but in the end we settled for a more simple approach.