Cross-platform Modular Decentralized Exchange. Secured by the Safenetwork.

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Introducing NVO decentralized exchange, where your cryptocurrencies and assets are not held by any third party, but rather directly transferred from one owner to another.

The exchange is operated through two key components.

The first one is a multi-cryptocurrencies open source wallet.

Keys are created locally on the users’ device and never sent to any server. Users control their private keys and can send and receive funds. Developers can add new assets through an open plugins system, keeping the wallet lightweight and modular.

The second component is a validator on the Safenetwork.

Users will connect to the Safenetwork through the wallet to exchange. An application will match the orders issued by the users and check all transactions and order information is valid.

Unlike centralized and semi-centralized exchanges, there isn’t a wallet acting as a relay. Transactions are processed simultaneously through an order matching engine from one wallet to another.

The validator processes raw transactions and doesn’t hold any private keys or assets nor can it sign transactions. This provides users with complete control and autonomy. It means your account can never be frozen, no one has any control over your assets or personal info, and you get an ever revolving wallet to securely store all your assets
- just like how a decentralized exchange is meant to be.

For more information about NVO decentralized exchange, visit nvo.io

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