Unbelievable Cats


We’re big fans of BBC Radio 4’s comedy series The Unbelievable Truth, a game show where comedians compete to see how many truths they are able to to hide among their lies. We’ve animated a short clip from Reginald D Hunter‘s lecture on cats for your enjoyment. Can you spot the three truths? Answers below the video…

Special thanks to Jon Naismith and Random Entertainment for allowing us to animate their show. If you enjoyed what you heard, you can listen to recent episodes of The Unbelievable Truth here, or download past episodes on Audible here. If you enjoyed our animation, please share it, as it’ll help us be able to make more of them.

The three truths are…

• In Ventura California it is illegal for cats and dogs to have sex without a permit.
• The Persians were able to besiege an Egyptian fort by throwing cats (considered scared by the Egyptians) over their walls.
• Cats can’t taste sweets.